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Four Tips to Start your own Home Yoga Practice (and to keep it going).

Home and yoga may not always seem like the go together, but these tips will help you flip your perspective and give yoga in your abode a go. 1. Make a supportive, even meaningful space. Okay this one is easier said than done, but it can be created by reflecting on what you actually need. Doing his will give the space meaning and help … Read More Four Tips to Start your own Home Yoga Practice (and to keep it going).

Rogue Yogi: What to do when a yoga student doesn’t follow your cues.

Something surprising recently happened in a class I was teaching. It unfortunately wasn’t an epiphany or jolt of kundalini rising – it was a student gone rogue. A student, who although attending the class I was teaching, did an entirely different postural yoga sequence. Picture this. I start the class as I normally do, with a brief introduction, asking students if the have any … Read More Rogue Yogi: What to do when a yoga student doesn’t follow your cues.

What is your yoga story?

In order to own your yoga, you need to have a good understanding of where you are in your yoga story. We will be exploring the concept of a story and how it can empower our practice in the next few blog posts. Read on and start exploring, discovering and empowering yourself! How do stories affect us? Stories are powerful. They help us relate…

7 Udemy Courses for Yogis

One thing I love about yoga is that you are always learning. Even though I have been teaching for over three years and practicing for ten, I find myself consistently curious about yoga and interested in learning more about the philosophy and the practice. As a yoga teacher, I enjoy realizing I’m a yoga student with a lot to explore. Online Learning in Yoga … Read More 7 Udemy Courses for Yogis

Your Yoga Space

I’ve been thinking a lot about the way space affects a person, especially mentally. Many people venture to yoga studios to find space in their minds, bodies…. And often space to get away from their house. Although practicing yoga at home is wonderful, it is also a luxury. Many people simply don’t have the space to practice at home without being interrupted by a … Read More Your Yoga Space

Unbranding My Yoga Image: Time to Get Real

When I first started AnthroYoga, I was in a major transitory life stage, like the type of life stage that resembles a hybrid creature on an evolutionary tree. I was basically a tiktaalik, swimming in the water while simultaneously developing features to walk on land. I was struggling finding work that would pay a living wage with my anthropology degree and decided to focus more … Read More Unbranding My Yoga Image: Time to Get Real

Add Yoga to Your Bedtime Routine for Better Sleep

Yoga is good for your body at any time of day. But, if you’re having trouble sleeping, it can be what you need to help you get a full seven to eight hours of high-quality rest. Yoga has some impressive effects on your mind and body that lead to better sleep, starting with its ability to reduce and manage stress. Stress and Sleep Loss … Read More Add Yoga to Your Bedtime Routine for Better Sleep

What’s Up with Mala Beads?

  We’ve all seen them- small beads with various colors and textures wrapped around the wrists or draped along the neck of yoga practitioners, sometimes with a tassle, other times without. These beads are known as malas, but what exactly are they? A yoga accessory?  A fashion statement? A fleeting trend? The truth is mala beads may seem trendy in yoga communities, but these … Read More What’s Up with Mala Beads?

Five Books for the Curious Yogi

I love reading books. Sometimes I shift toward scientific books, other times fluffy romantic novels- it all depends how I am feeling and what my mind needs. The following list is a diverse collection of books related to yoga to spark curiosity and bring yoga off the mat and onto the page. Reading books regularly in many ways reflects the dedication of a yoga … Read More Five Books for the Curious Yogi

Five Things That Happen with a Regular Yoga Practice

I’ve written quite a bit about how your yoga practice is a tool that you can use to guide you through the varying ebb and flow that is life. Yoga may start out as a simple exercise regimen, but it can lead to changes in your life on physical, mental and social levels. This is the funny thing about yoga- once you start your practice … Read More Five Things That Happen with a Regular Yoga Practice


In every yoga class, I like to either “theme” the class around a word or idea to help create a story that we can interweave through the practice.  When ideas are presented in this way, it can be relatable and therefore powerful, helping students relate ideas to experiences through yoga practice both on and off the mat.  It also helps me connect yoga postures … Read More READY. SET. SANKALPA!

A Yogi’s Guide to Norwich

Norwich may be known for its rich history, literature and charming eateries and cafes, but the yoga scene is also something to celebrate. Yoga is available in multiple studios, meeting houses and gyms around the city centre that cater to all yogis. I moved to Norwich a few months ago and have been absolutely enchanted with this fine city and the yoga teachers and … Read More A Yogi’s Guide to Norwich

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