Hi! I’m Laura, a Cambridge-based Hatha yoga teacher.

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I believe that yoga makes a difference, and that every practitioner can have a positive effect on the world we live in.

Read the blog, watch a yoga video and start exploring what yoga means to you. You can read more about me and my yoga journey here.

Let’s practice.

Ready to do yoga? Get Involved! 


Regular Classes in Cambridge, UK

Hatha Yoga Flow

Thursday 19:00-20:00

Parkside Pools & Gym, CB1 1LY


Cambridge Graduate Union

Alternating Fridays/Sundays

Open exclusively to Cambridge graduate students

Classes will begin again in September for the start of the new term- stay tuned!

Upcoming Workshops


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Interested in exploring your yoga practice? Cool, I co-wrote a guided journal that explores habits, yoga practice, and journaling. Head over to  The Yogis Journal to order your copy.




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Past Workshops

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Please reach out if you would like any one-on-ones or ideas for yoga events by contacting me.


I would love to practice with you, but don’t take my word for it- take the word of my yoga students!

“Yoga comes in countless flavours and varieties, but it took less than an hour for me to realise that Laura’s flavour of yoga is one of inclusiveness and enjoyable exploration. Approaching yoga in unusual spaces (such as Norwich Library) must prove an interesting challenge, but Laura did a wonderful job of engaging the class and helping her students to laugh, sweat, stretch and learn.”  –Jamie E.

“It had been 15 years since I had done any yoga and it was such a great way to get back into it.  I loved the balance of the sessions and how it was accessible for us all by working at our own level and ability.  It has inspired me to give more thought to my general health and wellbeing.” – Caroline B.

“I’ve have really enjoyed attending Laura’s early morning classes in Norwich. It was a great way to start my day. Laura’s explanation have been very clear, which made my practice easier to understand. Under Laura guidance I feel I have progressed my knowledge and asana.” – Julie W.

“I practised yoga under Laura’s tuition once or twice a week for a couple of months. Her lessons were invigorating, energising and grounding. The early morning “flows” always left me better equipped to meet the challenges of the day than I had been before the class.” –H.D.

“As a curious yoga amateur I felt completely at ease in Laura’s class. She is an upbeat, positive person who makes sure everyone enjoys their experience.”   Whitney E.